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Recruitment is a responsibility conducted by Officers and Senior Officer. However anyone is welcome to follow this guide if they wih to move up our ranking ladder. Recruitment is essential for the growth of any community, but must be done carefully for the following reasons:
  • We don't want to recruit trolls and toxic individuals.
  • We don't want to recruit people that do not interact with the clan and are only here for ingame clan perks.
  • We don't want to tarnish our community's image through excessive advertisement.
The basis of any recruitment post is the 'hook'. This is what we offer to potential recruits that they can't find playing solo.

Usually we go with the following generic offers that applies to the entire community:
  • To create a supportive environment for players to improve.
  • To form well functioning teams PVP and PVE.
  • To teach skills that can be applied in other games.
However specific to destiny would be the following:
  • We enforce a strict inactivity policy, so we are more active than most clans out there.
  • Playing solo you can't get clan specific powerful engrams, bounties or triumphs. Our active envirnoment allows for members to get these things, we also always hit the max xp limit for every week of a new season so we get our pers active faster than other clans with less members.
  • We are not 'too big' so every player has a chance to form their own unique identity within our clans.
  • Our discord is always available unlike public LFG discords which always have outages.
  • Our invite only recruitment policy helps us categorize players extremely well, such that we have formed a 'reliable playerbase'. The reliability of our players is what encourages people to make LFGs on our discord rather than in a public LFG server. This means no random quiting during a raid, and everyones level of experience can be seen by which of our clans they got put in.
Recruitment is conducted on the following platforms, always make sure you direct recruits to

Destiny 2 PC LFG
Destiny 2
We just comment on peoples post who are looking for a clan (make sure they are on PC first). You can make clan advertising posts at your own leisure but it isnt required (must be approved by a commander first and shouldnt breach group rules).
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Clan Recruitment Group
Destiny 2: Clan Finder
Destiny 2 PC Community
Destiny 2 (PC) Community

Post according to reddit rules and comment on people looking for group.

Bump our thread as often as possible and comment on players looking for a clan/group.
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