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The Falcon Gaming Community is comprised of many people from multiple backgrounds, who have many varying identities and beliefs. To ensure equality in expression and to maintaina peaceful environment this community is governed by a set of rules. The rules enforced in this community are as follows:

1 ) Be respectful! Any hate speech, racist remarks, or toxicity will not be tolerated.
2 ) NSFW media content is not allowed. This is a NO TOLERANCE RULE and you will be banned.
3 ) Do not spam memes, ASCII or advertise other Discord servers; such things will be deleted.
4 ) Please be mindful of channels and their uses!
5 ) If an Administrator or a Moderator asks you to stop something, you should stop.
6 ) Do not spam tag anyone.
7 ) Do NOT invite unapproved bots or use self bots, they will be dealt with immediately.
8 ) No Spoilers! Games, Movies or TV shows, be mindful of all spoilers. Breaking this rule may get your chat privileges removed.
9 ) Any Twitch or YouTube channel advertisement must be done in #media and not be spammed or else it will be deleted.
10 ) Do not ping any staff members without good reason.

However there are exceptions as to when these rules can not be taken into effect in order to prevent abuse.

1) Satirical remarks made by members may come off as being toxic. In such cases it is vital to assess the person who made those remarks, intended target, audience an environment in which such remarks were made. Here are some scenarios for context:
a) A member is known to be a very sarcastic individual, he often jokes about sensitive topics. This member also tells his/her friends to get lost or makes fun of them in chat. You cannot invoke a violation of rule 1 in this context as this is how the individual behaves and as his/her friends can take the joke.
b) A member is direct messaging another member hateful speech and is openly being hateful towards the same individual in there presence on voice. You cannot invoke a violation of rule 1 in this context.
c) A member says they do not believe pineapple belongs on pizza when asked the question. The member debates with other people about why they think they are right. Neither side in the debate wants to admit the other is right. In such cases an unintended audience member should remove themselves from that environment or report it to a moderator so that they can end the discussion if deemed fit. You cannot invoke a violation of rule 1 in this context.
d) A member is openly and repeatedly showing support towards a niche group on public text chats. The member trys to spread his idealogy and publicly attacks everyone who disagrees. In this case it would be a violation of rule 1. The only time this would be allowed is in #off-topic under the supervision of a moderator.

In cases (a) - (c) anyone that feels that they are being victimized should utilize the block an mute functions of Discord. Failure to do so and constantly trying to invoke rule 1. based on their biased interpretation would result in violation of community guidelines and can result in a warning.

2) NSFW media such as pornography is not allowed posting any such media will result in a ban with no warning. Borderline NSFW content may be posted in the #memes channel with appropriate context. Lewd images and emojiis are acceptable unless stated otherwise by a moderator.

3) This rule will be loosely enforced in the #memes channel. Other discord links may be posted in appropriate channels only with prior moderator approval. If we get complaints of an individual on the server advertising via DM to server members or see someone intentionally trying to detriment the growth of our teams through such activities, it will result in a ban.

4) There is very little wiggle room for not being on topic in a channel. We will allow digression of topics so as long as everything gets back in track when directed by a Moderator.

5) If an Administrator or a Moderator asks you to stop something its possibly with good reason and should listen to them. If you believe it is unjustified you can ask other moderators to review the context and come up with a joint verdict on the matter. Continuining to argue over a warning will result in a ban.

6) Repeatedly tagging people in chat is a no no. If you need to tag an entire group or channel it should have been approved by an appropriate Commander or Moderator.

7) This rule may only be laxed if the bot was invited and justified by a Commander or Senior Officer.

8) Spoilers should be avoided on all text chats, but if they need to be posted, they should have a spoiler tag and should have an afformentioned warning about what its contents are.

9) If we find you to be constantly advertising on our servers text channels and not contributing to the community we hold the right to delete your messages.

10) This includes DMs as well as @s. Good reasons to ping should be if you run into technical problems on the server or require there specific attention for the game you play. Any other reasons can be addressed in #support.

Our community has some general guidelines that we recommend members to follow to avoid conflicts of interest.

General Guidelines
1. Do not DM Officers asking for promotions. If you deserve them they will come your way. If you meet a criteria in a game and its been overlooked for promotions drop a message in #support.
2. Do not delete/modify messages you've sent that breaks the flow of a conversation. This may result in a warning if done excessively.
3. Treat others as you would like to treat yourself.
4. Do not misuse bots on our server or cause excessive spam messages.
5. Anything sent to you via direct message by a member of our server cannot be enforce by our server rules. DM's are personal and should not to be made a community affair.
6. Posting in the wrong channels will result in warnings or bans.
7. Poaching is not allowed, sending members invites to other discord servers to conduct activities that are supposed to be done on our discord will result in warnings or bans.
8. Do not openly violate ToS for the games you play, as they implicate other players in the same clan of malpractices.

Non-Member & Guest Policy
- Guest is not a community rank. This role can be assigned to denote that the guest is not affiliated with any of our teams but is welcome to take part in server activites and discussions.
- The guest role may be added and removed as seen fit by Moderators.
- Any person who does not have a community rank may be removed from the server at the discretion of a Commander.
- Unlike members of the community, non-members can be banned with no warnings for violations.

Rank FAQ
- If a player is a member of multiple teams within the community, they will keep the highest rank achieved on communication platforms.
- In the event a player leaves a team and is no longer a member of any team within the community, their rank will be revoked, and depending on the nature of the departure they may be assigned a guest role or removed from the server.
- If a player wants to rejoin a team in the community they will have to start again at the bottom of the rank hierarchy.
- If a player goes inactive and has notified an officer or higher about this beforehand, they will retain their rank in the event they are kicked from the team ingame under the assumption that they will be active again in future.

Unless stated otherwise, all violaters will get two warnings before they are banned. This does not count automated @MEE6 bot warnings. These warnings have to be directly issued by a moderator.

1. First violation will result in a warning .
The warning will follow the following format:

!warn (Violaters discord ID) (Reasons, Punishment, Duration of Punishment)

The message should be posted in the channel the violation occured, or in #botspam if it occured in voice and it will automatically get poste in #mod-spam.

2. Second warning will result in a demotion.
The warning will follow the following format:

!warn (Violaters discord ID) (Second Warning + Reasons, Punishment, Duration of Punishment)

The new rank may be at the discretion of the person issueing the warning.
The message should be posted in the channel the violation occured, or in #botspam if it occured in voice and it will automatically get poste in #mod-spam.
If the moderator has blocked the individual they should unblock and reblock for the purpose of issuing the warning.
If the person has no community rank then they can be banned immediately. If the person is a Private they can be demoted to Recruit or have their community rank completely removed depending on the games they play.

3. There is no third warning, any repeat offender is to be permanently banned and a simple message should be put in #mod-spam stating that you have done so, for the most important violation. This same message should be the one used in the ban description when issuing the ban.

Warnings and Bans may be appealed via DMs. However if they were deemed to be justified after reinspection you will just be blocked by the moderators you've appealed to. Members that were issued warning may not recieve a promotion until 6 months have elapsed since the warning was issued.
Warnings and bans have no expiry date, and may only be overturned via appeal in rare circumstances.

Ammendments can be submitted to this document as comments below, and if approved will be listed here.
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I have read and agree to the terms listed above.
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